Dean's List Summer 2016

Congratulations to all the students who have been chosen for the Dean's List- Summer 2014


The Dean List is posted on an annual basis. The Dean's List is compiled at the end of the semesters, and recognizes outstanding scholarship. Students who have maintained CGPA of 3.22 or above CGPA qualify for the Dean's List. For students it is a sign of exceptional academic excellence and a source of great pride and honor to earn Dean's List distinction. View all the records for 2014.

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  • Jack S. McCowan
  • Rob D. Lombardo
  • James J. Gardner
  • Eric D. Moser
  • Anthony R. Haney
  • Jonathan P. Man
  • Lyle L. Turner
  • Peter M. Swanson
  • Vicky F. Lolley
  • Ron A. Nguyen
  • Michael S. Salas
  • Rebekah R. Stevens
  • Troy C. Johnson
  • Jenny M. Jacinto
  • Roberta S. Barlowe
  • Tiffany L. Kendrick
  • Benjamin G. Jones
  • Catherine B. Reiser
  • Aroone Aran
  • Atyd Brihaspati
  • Boribun Budha
  • Bua Phuan
  • Benchamat Atyd
  • Bua Aat
  • Hannah Irfan
  • Zara Ian
  • Sarah Isaac
  • Nur Danish
  • Rayyan Qaseh
  • Nurul Arfeen
  • Carman Angus
  • Damon Clio
  • Gabrielle Finn
  • Paul Tim
  • Michael Griffin
  • Arthur Apollo
  • Ehab Ahmed Nabil Ahmed Fouad Abuali
  • Rehan Hashad
  • Aliaa Gad
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Afifi
  • Yasser Anter
  • Bassem Nassouhy Abdelrahman Attwan
  • Mobarak Abdulaziz Al Mulhim
  • Ahmad Mohamed Al Nahas
  • Yosef Saleh Alajroush
  • Yaser Sharaf Al-Attas
  • Ali Mohammed Ali Alfarras
  • Khaled Mahmoud Mohammed ElShamy
  • Khalid Ahmed Yahya Al Hassani
  • Madhu Aman Sharma
  • Arumugam Balusamy
  • Xavier Schoeman
  • Chosantha Samarakoon
  • Mohammad Salah Ibrahim Nahla
  • Jamal Hussain S A Alyafei
  • EL-Saied El-Sayed El-Pakary
  • Ahmed Zaki Ahmed Aglan
  • Asha Manoharan
  • Ahmad Yassine
  • Dr. Rania M. Khalil
  • Dr Manu G J
  • Hosam Mahmoud Said Abdelhady
  • Venkatesh Kumar Ramanujam
  • Wael Mohammed Alsayed Ismail

The Dean's List includes people from every state in the U.S. and select few foreign countries.

dean list

"This is an extraordinary recognition of exceptional academic achievement and a sign of substantial effort and ability, and should be a source of great pride & personal satisfaction. Keep up the great work!"

Dean's List Criteria

To be eligible for consideration for the Dean's List for Summer 2014 undergraduate/graduate students must:

  • Students enrolled in online programs have to obtain a minimum CGPA of 3.2 for the academic year under consideration.
  • Obtain passing grades in all courses and a clear academic standing for both terms.
  • Minimum of 12 semester hour credits
  • The minimum CGPA criteria applies for both the semesters, in addition to the student's overall CGPA for the year.
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